The following is a DRAFT of a list of persons buried, believed to be buried or otherwise noted in cemeteries in south Logan County, Illinois. The basic listing is good to 2000 although there are those after that. This includes the townships of Hurlbut, Elkhart, Mt. Pulaski, Lake Fork, Laenna, Aetna and two cemeteries in Chester. Elkhart is not complete. There are no known cemeteries in Hurlbut and Laenna - they are listed so no one thinks they were skipped.

The information comes from a variety sources including cemetery listings, local histories, family histories, resources at the Logan County Genealogical and Historical Society and the Mt. Pulaski Township Historical Society, personal knowledge, death records, burial book, census records, military records. All are fallible.

These are pdf files. Depending on your pdf reader you should be able to enlarge, search and scroll it.

Column A is the cemetery. The numbers are totally arbitrary, designed to help locate stones if you are using the Logan ILGenWeb listings and maps. The cemetery district does not use these numbers. Column B is the person's name, last name first. Column C is maiden name if known. D is dates, E is age at death, F is spouse and/or parents, G is cause of death, H is military, I is occupation and J is the catch all. Why note the person died elsewhere? Did you ever try to find a death certificate in the wrong place?

There are many errors. If you find errors please click HERE and send them. Please note the name, line number, error, correction and if possible a source for the correct information. This document is continually "in progress." Getting the information correct is a priority. Later there may be ways to add links to other data such as photos and web pages.

If you are one of those people who "borrow" things from other web sites and put it on another as your work note there are targeted errors in this database. If you don't know what that means consult your attorney. If are an honest researcher and you come across someone who simply doesn't fit in your family as you know it send an email. That person may be a targeted error.

10,000 Ancestors A-F


10,000 Ancestors G-M


10,000 Ancestors N-Z


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