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Beginning Genealogy

A short basic guide to getting started on your own genealogy.

Land Records

A basic guide to land records.

The Robert Clark Genealogy

Robert Clark was a descendant of John Winans Clark, one of the three sons of David Clark of New Jersey who came to Illinois and spread the Methodist religion through preaching and founding churches. Isaac went to Fulton County and died in Liverpool Township. Rev. David was a Methodist preacher who traveled around, retired in Barclay, Sangamon County, and is buried in Mt. Pulaski, Logan County. John Winans settled in Yankeetown, Logan County, and is buried at Laenna Cemetery outside of Chestnut. Robert Clark was a son of John Winans Clark's third child, David Ward Clark, not to be confused with Rev. David Clark. He was born in Yankeetown near what is now Chestnut on September 30, 1844, and died on October 12, 1933. He served as Mayor of Mt. Pulaski. Like a lot of the Clarks he was interested in genealogy. Modern research has invalidated some of his information but it is useful as an early genealogy of the family.

Downing Revolutionary War Patriots

From the DAR Abstract of Graves - undoubtedly made incomplete by modern research.

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